Auf Deutsch

Multilingual Voice Recording for Localisation

We have a large, professional but inexpensive pool of Voice Talent: German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (both Castillian and Latin American Spanish), English and American.

We have produced more than 250 foreign recording projects over the last ten years. Indeed when a company decides to record not only German but takes advantage of our pool of talent in other languages, considerable savings can be made.

We also have excellent British and US Actors if German products require recording for distribution in the English speaking countries.

Clients include:

Microsoft (USA): Microsoft Money, Picture It, CD-Sampler; Flight Simulator, Age of Empires, Deadly Tide, Midtown Madness, Crimson Skies, Close Combat, International Soccer 2000 for X-Box: Tao Feng/Fighter X, Snowboard/Amped, Azurik.

Two Tone PC-Games (Paris): Max Payne, Kessen, US Racer, Stronghold, M&M’s, UEFA Football.

Webster’s Dictionary (London), Diesterweg Verlag (Frankfurt), Trados (Stuttgart), Die Deutsche Welle (Berlin), Ravensberger, Concito Media Point, British Airways, BOA Videofilmkunst, Knoblauch & Fischer, Stream Event, Swarovski Crystals, Lufthansa.



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